Hello, I'm Danielle-image

Hello, I'm Danielle

I'm a Calgary based Accounting Associate, working at Bench Accounting. I am currently finishing my last CPA preparatory course before moving on to the CPA certification program.

In my free time time, you can catch me playing a round golf, enrolled in a spin class, or doing other outgoing activities


About me

As someone in the accounting field, I enjoy using my analytical skills to help individuals and businesses make informed financial decisions to achieve their goals. At the same time, I also prioritize staying active and enjoy pushing my physical limits through various activities. I find physical activites an excellent outlet to relieve stress and maintain a positive outlook, which in turn, helps me approach challenges with a fresh perspective.

  • Location:Calgary, AB
  • Age:26
  • Nationality:Canadian
  • Interests:Golf, Working out, Reading
  • Study:University of Victoria
  • Employment:Bench Accounting


CPA preparatory courses

CPA Western School of BusinessJanuary 2021 - Present

Currently enrolled in PREP night classes with one remaining course

Bachelor of Arts in Economics / Business Minor

University of VictoriaApril 2019
  • Demonstrated mastery of economic theory and its applications, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, and international economics.
  • Studied environmental economics, public economics, and behavioral economics, and applied this knowledge to public policy and business decision-making.


Accounting Associate

Bench AccountingSeptember 2019 - Present
  • Independently owned a portfolio of approximately 90 small business clients
  • Delivered monthly books for each client
  • Completed three tax seasons by preparing each client with a year-end financial package
  • Followed strict communication cadences to keep all clients informed with their finacials

Business and Account Processing Clerk

ESIT Advanced Solutions - B.C. Tax Revenue ServicesMay 2019 - August 2019
  • Process documentation for the Ministry of Finance including Property Tax Deferments
  • Trusted to appropriately and ethically handle confidential tax documentation
  • Work under strict deadlines with great efficiency and ease
  • Quality check information according to government standards and policies


Over the course of my professional experience, I have acquired proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite and have developed effective communication skills for engaging with both colleagues and clients.

Phone calls

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